Valorant: How To Play Breach

Breach takes advantage of the environment by activating a deadly earthquake and tactical blinding charges. We explain how his skills work and how to increase their effectiveness. The skills of this agent either work on the other side of the walls, or pass through everything that stands in their way. Thanks to this, he forces his enemies to me, even if he was not going to do it. You can also make use of the valorant boosting there.

Punch [key C]

Breach launches an explosive charge striking the wall and after some time breaking through to its other side. Everyone who is behind the wall takes huge damage. Let’s just say that if this shell hits you, then you are likely to die. However, this shell is easy to see, which means that the enemies will have enough time to leave the range of destruction. Thanks to this, it will be difficult to hit the enemy, but even if this does not succeed, the charge will allow you to lure the enemy out of cover. Shoot the areas where, in your opinion, opponents are hiding.

Blinding Charge [Q]

Releases a charge passing through the surfaces into which it enters, and blinding enemies within the radius of destruction. It has a much shorter response time compared to the “Punch”, which will make it more difficult for the enemy to dodge or avoid being hit. It is great for blinding enemies before entering a room and attacking them. But before applying, be sure to coordinate with your team, because you can accidentally blind your allies.

Crack [E key]

After activation, you launch a shock wave that will travel in any direction and through any terrain, regardless of obstacles. It moves in a straight line, and you can first see the flight path before starting a wave (look at the minimap). Any enemies caught in the shockwave will be disoriented for a short time and receive a reduced rate of fire. Again, the skill is great for driving enemies out of hiding and so on.

Thunderclap [X key]

In fact, this is a “Crack”, but with a much wider range of action and more serious consequences. This is an absolutely deadly ult. If you know where the enemy is, or if you were able to surprise several enemies at once, then due to their wider range of action, they will practically not be able to hide from the ult. And even if the enemy manages to escape from the shock wave, he will be confused and disoriented so that it will be easy for you to destroy him.