What is an interior decorator? What is the price of an intervention by an interior decorator? What are the fields of intervention of an interior decorator? Decorating is a job, and even with a lot of good will, it is sometimes difficult to project yourself into a room.

Why be accompanied by a decoration professional?

Would you also like to have a beautiful decoration, which allows you to feel comfortable at home? Despite your efforts, it is difficult to do as in the catalogs and you tell yourself that you will never succeed? Why not call on a professional? No shame in that, decor trends are sometimes difficult to decode and appropriate.

A decorator is the best person to meet a specific need, a particular desire. If the Scandinavian decoration makes you want but you do not know how to start, he is the person who can advise you according to the room to be modified but also your budget. It is ideal for keeping furniture or restyling it, for example. For the painters and decorators south london this is one huge challenge.

The missions of the interior designer are plural, but they come together:

  • realization of the preliminary projects, preliminary studies, study of the budget,
  • realization of plans and models,
  • general description by trades, when there is a need to do work,
  • choice of materials and colors,
  • consultation of craftsmen and analysis of offers,
  • coordination, site monitoring until receipt of works.

He thus manages the different stages of decoration whether your project is a consultation to get ideas or a complete makeover with important work.

Receive decorator quotes

It is sometimes necessary to call on an outside person, with a new eye, to find the solution to a blocking point in terms of layout of a room for example.

A decorator is a specialist in interior design and decoration. A true decoration expert, he arranges the rooms and arranges them according to your desires, your tastes and of course your directions. This professional knows the materials and the techniques of decoration, he has a well filled address book since it is he who is in contact with the craftsmen. A true conductor, he acts as a relay between you and the stakeholders on your site and the suppliers of materials (painters, carpenters, plumbers, tilers, etc.). He manages the work from A to Z.

A decoration specialist, he will be able to offer you materials, styles and ideas that you might never have thought of while respecting the budget that you will allocate to your project. Because if the intervention of an interior decorator has a cost, know that each project is different, the customization is endless. It is entirely possible to intervene on a room rearrangement, new furniture for your living room, the creation of a fireplace, a bare room, such as a furnished room or even a decoration project of the recycling and recovery type.

Receive decorator quotes

There are as many projects as there are people, do not hesitate to request a quote to compare the different services offered, the prices but also to check that the current flows, because after all this person will spend many hours with you, to define your project. A good decorator will take the time to get to know you, to go around your desires, what you like, or don’t like.