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In this perspective, it is therefore a question of better managing the agents to better serve the users. Everyone agrees that this means putting the HR dimension back at the heart of the administrative reform process. Modernizing HR is a condition for better managing modernization. This implies in particular a concern for the promotion and motivation of agents, but also a better evaluation of performance and skills, allowing dynamic management of careers, and also a renewal of social dialogue.

The stability and the very good level of staff recruitment

Another characteristic of human resources management in the public sector is the stability of the staff and their very good level of initial recruitment, this is an asset for HR managers and for operational departments. This stability and this level of recruitment plead for a careful management of the “human heritage” which constitutes, in many respects, all the agents. Thanks to HR, it is therefore a question of giving “human resources” and “human heritage” the capacity to adapt to changes.

Guarantee of employment

The main strengths of the administration also, and above all, lie in the foundations of the statutory framework. In addition to the strong motivation of the agents, already mentioned, and which, based on a certain idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir mission of public service, confers a strong cultural identity to the personnel of the public service, the guaranteed employment offered to the civil servants is a lever positive on which HR policies can also be based.

The important place given to continuing education

The strong tradition of internal training, the importance of adaptation training that prevails in the public service is also cultural assets conducive to the development of HR policies.

The role of internal promotion

In the same vein, the career management system is capable of allowing certain anticipations and forecasts. And all the internal promotion mechanisms (professional selection, aptitude list, internal competition) that the administration knows are all powerful tools for managing people and developing their potential or skills.

Joint governance

Finally, the tradition of joint management, in a context of relatively high union membership should not be analyzed mainly from the perspective of a constraint for HR but should also be seen as an asset, as a dynamic element of a management policy human resources.

Last Words

Whatever the advantages and the constraints of the public service, it therefore appears that it is in a situation which is neither better nor worse than that of large companies. Most of the constraints are manageable and the assets deserve to be better explored and exploited. This is mostly a matter of behavior.