Proper Plumbing Requirement for Condominium Drain Clogging

If the condominium drain column is clogged, it is almost certainly the fault of poor maintenance.

Generally, if the drain is blocked it is because:

  • They were overthrown in the discharges repeatedly fatty residues or large, difficult to dispose of;
  • Neither the wells nor the siphons have ever been cleaned
  • An inspection has never been conducted to check the health of the pipe walls.

Cost of replacing the drain column

When the drain column is clogged, the consequences are rather inconvenient in the best cases, a purge operation is sufficient, while in the worst ones the entire column must be replaced. If, in fact, the clogging has caused permanent damage to the pipe – wear, corrosion, breakage with the consequent risk of leaks and infiltrations simple purging will only solve part of the problem. Choosing the plumber thousand oaks  is the best option there.

However, tube replacement is an invasive operation from all points of view:

It forces you to break the walls of the apartments, resulting in the production of rubble, dust, noise, and discomfort for the condominiums;

It forces the disposal of rubble walls and old pipes;

It is expensive, and almost always causes discontent among the condominiums and the administrator, because it is not always clear who should pay or how the expenses should be shared.

The solution? To prevent.

How to avoid clogging of the condominium drain column

Instead of intervening after the damage is done, in emergency situations, it is better to prevent. With careful preventive maintenance, it is easy to prevent the drain column from clogging, and to ensure long life for the hose.

Tubes System deals specifically with these situations: first of all, the health of the drain column is assessed and, based on the situation, a remediation intervention is planned with relining, a patented method of rehabilitating pipes.

Relining takes place like this:

First, a video inspection is carried out. An endoscopic camera is inserted into the tube starting from the pre-existing access points; thanks to the recorded video, it is possible to have a global picture of the column status.

Always accessing the column from the outside, without breaking a single brick, the walls of the pipe are cleaned. Various debris and residues are removed, precisely those that cause, in the long run, the clogging of the drain column and its breakage.

After cleaning, the hose is dried and the actual cleaning begins. With a special machine, a plastic compound (reinforced with glass fibers) is sprayed along the entire internal surface; the plastic compound solidifies in a short time, creating a new intact and self-supporting tube.

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