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We all know that moving always brings stress and worries, but if we follow some tips we can avoid or reduce those tangles. And one of the most difficult moments in the move is spent when transporting the furniture.

One of the frequently asked questions when we move the furniture is whether we should transport it as it is or disassemble it?

First we must bear in mind that each piece of furniture is different, and for that reason they need special care depending on the type of furniture. Sometimes it is more convenient to get rid of some of them in the move, since the move represents a new stage in life.

  • On the other hand, if we do not have the necessary time or sufficient space, we always have the possibility of hiring a furniture repository and in this way we can make the transfer with time and without stress.
  • As for the disassembly of the furniture, we must be very careful to remember the order of the pieces, in order to assemble the furniture without problems. To avoid any confusion we can label them or take photos.
  • Some furniture is too big to disassemble and must be transported without disassembling, for example armchairs and sofas. In these cases it is necessary to pack them properly to avoid any damage to the furniture during the trip.
  • Currently there are boxes of different sizes designed for each type of furniture or object, we can also use protection such as bubble wrap or old blankets or similar to cover the furniture.

Last tips

In the event that you live in a building or urbanization, your move will also affect your neighbors, since furniture and boxes must be transported up stairs, elevators and other common areas. For them, it is convenient to notify the concierge, neighbors and president of the community, about the day and time in which the move will take place. In addition, the move must be carried out with great care to avoid any damage in common areas such as stairs, elevator, walls. This is why opting for a moving company denver is important.

Generally, the personnel in charge of moving is trained to carry out a move with all the necessary care, however it is advisable for the client to pay close attention and ensure that the task is being carried out correctly and without damaging the common areas.

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