Go for the Best Elliptical Trainers Now

The elliptical trainer is a very complete and gentle cardio machine for joints. It works about 80% of the muscles of the body. If you are looking to stay fit, lose weight or relieve stress after work, this is the device for you. Choosing an elliptical is not always easy given the number of models on the market and the many features. Which model to choose? Discover, in this elliptical trainer buying guide, our tips for making the right choice.

Why buy an elliptical trainer?

The elliptical trainer is the fitness machine that works the most muscles. Up to 80% of the body muscles are used during an exercise. It will help you strengthen your muscles and refine your figure on the one hand and increase your basal metabolism on the other hand, therefore to burn more fat all day long, even while sleeping. In addition, you will spend a lot of calories during your cardio training sessions: between 500 and 700 kcal per hour, the equivalent of a meal. It’s more than cycling, jogging or zumba. For https://fitnessequipmentsreviews.com/best-elliptical-under-1000/ you can find the best solutions now.

The elliptical cross trainer is a quick and easy way to exercise, exercise, relax after a day of work. All you need to do is put on your sports outfit and get started. The programs offered by the manufacturers are motivating and will help you reach your goals. In addition, this device is not traumatic for the joints. And if space is a concern, be aware that the devices are generally equipped with casters and some are even foldable for easy storage.

How to choose the right elliptical trainer?

The choice of your elliptical trainer depends on your morphology, frequency of use and objectives.

The choice of an elliptical trainer depends on several parameters to take into account:

  • Weight and size of user, number of users
  • Frequency of use
  • Training level
  • The objective (weight loss, cardiac rehabilitation, training, etc.)
  • Taste (design, equipment)

The structure of the elliptical trainer

It must be robust for people of large size or for intensive use, for example daily or by several users. In order to avoid any risk of deterioration over time (buckling of the flywheel, squeaking of the arms, etc.) and for better stability, use the heaviest chassis and, if possible, offer stabilizers correcting inequalities of the ground. For large sizes, opt for a chassis of at least 40 kg. Also check on its technical sheet the maximum weight that the device supports.

The size of the device, 1 m 30 minimum for large sizes

The range of motion is conditioned by the size of the device. It must be adapted to your size and the objective sought. The larger it is, the more effective the cardiovascular and muscular work will be. Large people (1.80m and over) and people wishing to train regularly (more than 3 times a week) will prefer an elliptical trainer at least 1m 30 in length. For other users, a smaller model will be suitable. However, devices measuring less than 1 meter in length which do not offer a true elliptical movement should be avoided.