Choose The Practical Options to Play the Playstation Games

Today, the leaders in the gaming industry are the 8th generation consoles from Microsoft, Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4. However, the consoles of previous generations are still relevant and do not slow down. Moreover, now they are available more than ever. Therefore, you can very profitably buy games on the Xbox 360.

But what exactly to get?

Where to start getting acquainted with this platform? Fortunately, for the long history of existence on X Box 360, a huge line of games of a very different genre and format has come out. Therefore, everyone will find something interesting for themselves. You can play with the LoL Smurfs accounts and win the games perfectly now.

Top Xbox 360 Games

Where to start dating? First of all, from the absolute leader of the 7th generation console, a game that attracted everyone’s attention and made a lot of noise – with GTA V. This project was awaited by millions of players around the world. And he lived up to their expectations in full. This is evidenced by the fact that the game was released in 2013, and its popularity does not decline even today. If you’re looking for the best games on your Xbox 360, then this is exactly what you need.

The next interesting project, released at the turn of the generation of consoles, is the last part of the spy action movie Metal Gear Solid V. Here you will find a rich dramatic plot, incredible scenic moves, colorful characters, dynamic gameplay and great freedom of action. If you like military action movies with an admixture of fiction, then choose this game.

For adventure treasure hunters, there is Tomb Raider and the sequel Rise of the Tomb Raider. These games were the restart of the famous series about Lara Croft – the tomb raider. Highly detailed graphics, an intricate plot, puzzles and puzzles are what these games offer you.

Best Xbox 360 Games for Two

Of course, this game console will be a good choice not only for a single player, but also for a pair game. The catalog of projects includes a lot of entertainment for two or more players. First of all, this is a variety of fighting games and martial arts: Dead or Alive 4, Injustice, Mortal Kombat IX, Tekken 6, Street Fighter 4. If you are looking for the best Xbox 360 games for two in the racing genre, then pay attention to the following options:

  • Forza Motosport 2
  • F1
  • Need for Speed ​​(Carbon, ProStreet, Most Wanted)
  • Burnout Revenge
  • Sega Rally and so on.

Here are the best games on the Xbox 360 in various genres and style performances. But, of course, these are far from all the projects worth playing.