Choose the Best PC Graphical Game Choices Now

Video games for PC have been differentiated from the console versions by offering a series of graphic settings that we can customize to our liking. The objective of these is twofold: on the one hand they allow us to raise or lower the graphic quality of the game, and on the other to identify which configuration is the one that best adapts in terms of performance to the possibilities of our team.

We know that with the arrival of PS4 Pro and Xbox One X it is also possible to find some graphic adjustments in games for the current generation, but they are not as extensive as those presented by their PC counterparts. You can opt for more info now.

A Further Choices

To better understand its importance we must bring up the issue of minimum and recommended requirements in video games. In general, when a developer launches a game, it requires certain hardware to function at a “basic but acceptable” level, and anything that exceeds that minimum will allow us to move it with a higher graphic quality.

  • Nothing better to delve into this question than a concrete example of a well-known and current game, Destiny 2.

The new from Bungie came with the following specifications in its PC version:

Video games and graphics settings:Everything you need to know 35Video games and graphics settings: everything you need to know.

  • Well, if our equipment meets the minimum requirements (Pentium G4560 and a GTX 1050) we can move it very well in 1080p with high quality, although it will be advisable to reduce settings such as depth blur to maintain a stable 60 FPS.
  • With the recommended settings we can play in 1080p and maximum qualities and even activate resolution scaling to improve sharpness and definition. This setting will render at a higher resolution, which will mean that although the final result is still 1080p, we will have a much higher image quality.
  • If we have less hardware than the minimum requirements, we could make the game work in acceptable conditions by playing with the graphic settings and resolution.

Graphics settings: which are the most important?

Generally, there are three graphics settings that have the greatest impact on image quality and overall game performance: resolution, texture quality, and shadows. The first determines the resolution at which we will move the game and therefore the overall sharpness of the image, while the second reflects the quality of the textures that will be applied on the characters and on the environment. Finally the third is applied to all the shadows that we will see in the game.

Video games and graphics settings: everything you need to know

Resolution:  determines how many pixels are displayed on the screen. In general, the higher the resolution, the sharper the image will be, which means that it is the base on which we should start working.

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