In recent years the competition has grown tough. Every time you grow it has become more difficult on the platform. But there are several tips that will allow you to grow on instagram, we will show you the most fundamental key points to grow on instagram in 2020.

First doing an introduction with the most basic is important, but at the same time very important, tips. then one with more advanced strategies.

Have a flawless profile

A good aesthetic in your profile plays a very important role, since a good aesthetic in your content encourages users to interact with your publications and enter your profile, increasing the probability that they will follow you.

Another very important point is your username, it has to be very intuitive, short and easy for your audience to remember. You should avoid using special symbols and also in your biography you should be very clear about what you do and what type of content you are going to share.

Find the ideal niche

One mistake that many make is publishing content of all kinds, and that is if you want to know how to grow on instagram in 2020, you will need to define what type of content to publish. What will be the theme and with what type of audience do you want to connect.

For example, this website is dedicated to Instagram tips, how to succeed on Instagram, and not how to grow on all social networks. This usually has its ups and downs because we don’t limit an audience, but we have a more centralized audience.In this case, if you dedicate yourself to “haircut” publish content haircuts, hair products, or related.

Work smart

Many fail at this point because of their lack of motivation and interest. Growing up on a social network, especially one as competitive as instagram, is a challenge. This is a challenge in which you must invest time and money obviously when there is no money effort, but it is a goal.

So growing up on instagram you must set it as a goal, from which you must have the interest to learn more and more. The fact that you are here reading this means that if you really are interested. So I am going to recommend a very efficient OFFER course, it is called DominandoInstagramthat promises you 10,000 followers in 21 days, but that is your decision.

Use the correct hashtags

Hashtags are the window for users who do not follow you to discover your content, not using them would be a serious mistake. Use hashtags that are related to your theme. Here are three brief tips about hashtags:

  • Use the instagram search engine to find the appropriate hashtags.
  • These should have a balanced number of posts. (10k to 200k posts)
  • Use 7 to 9 hashtags. This amount is more than enough to define your post. (they work better than using all 30).

Find your best time to post

The time you post does influence the scope of your content, as your post should receive as many interactions as quickly as possible. soinstagram recommends it to more people.In instagram analytics, you can see which days and even hours your audience is most connected. This statistic is more accurate than any third-party app.…