Since the start of confinement decreed by the government in an attempt to stop the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus, many seniors have suffered from the imposed isolation. And they are increasingly using home meal delivery services. Companies are on the bridge to meet this demand.

We have seen a strong increase in activity since the announcements of containment measures: on the one hand because our usual beneficiaries increase the frequency of meals, often switching to a delivery seven days a week and on the other hand, we have multiplied by three the number of new beneficiaries in one week, which is considerable. You can have the confinement food delivery  there.

Maintaining social ties despite barrier actions

We no longer kiss or shake hands but we still keep a social bond with them on a daily basis and we are equipped with masks, gloves and hydro alcoholic gel to wash your hands regularly. In the kitchen, barrier gestures are obviously also respected, with in particular team members who all work within a meter of each other.

Do you want to give a new dimension to your professional career by practicing a profession that makes sense and places people at the heart of its activity?

What is found in the lunch and dinner plates? Have the eating habits of the French changed in this extraordinary period?

More frozen food, fruit and vegetables

Times change and so do habits. No more school canteens, restaurants, office meals . It is up to everyone, in these times of confinement, to put their hands to the plate to prepare the midday and evening meal. So what do we eat today? The early days of containment were worrying, with a real rush on essentials and frozen food.

But once everyone’s stocks have been built, what do the French cook on a daily basis? More vegetables and frozen foods, according to a study carried out for L’Obs by the  institute (1) , according to which 43% of French people say they buy more seasonal fruits and vegetables since the start of confinement. However, 23% of them admit to consuming more frozen products than usual.

Organic sales explode

Against bad luck good heart? Since all meals must necessarily be spent with the family at home, 61% of French people say they have put themselves in the kitchen or put them back in the kitchen. And to find ideas, between Internet, lives of cooks on social networks and TV shows, ideas abound.…