cat's food

This is a question we often ask ourselves. Are we serious enough? Are we not giving him too much to eat? Too few? How can you be sure that he won’t become obese? Shouldn’t we vary his dishes more? Feeding your cat well, it’s easier than it seems. And you will see that with little things your cat will be the most fulfilled of felines, and all the more if the right gestures are taken from the start.

Are our cat friends really gourmets?

Anthropomorphism often pushes us to want to vary the meals of our protégés to spoil them, as we like to spoil our own palates. But you should know that, unlike the human being who has 9000 “taste buds”, the feline being has only 500 which make him a far less good gourmet than what advertisers sell. You can go for the soft cat food there and that also with all the options for you. The deals are perfect there. The choice is yours and the choice can be diverse.

food for cat

However, it is true that cats display their preferences on this or that food. Not everyone likes tuna or ham, not everyone is a fan of yogurt or sweets.

It is ultimately more with their sense of smell and their feelings that cats appreciate food. And yes, the cat has between 60 and 65 million olfactory cells (against 5 to 20 million for humans). Regarding the feeling, a cat who experiences an inconvenience with a kind of food (difficult digestion, painful, diarrhea), will not put the nose back in.

Where and when to feed my cat?

It is an accessible place far from his litter box. It is also possible to install a second “restoration point” in height for example.

Absolutely Cats

First of all, it must be understood that the cat is not a dog. They’re not made the same way, and their stomachs are very different too. The cat’s stomach is much smaller and more fragile than that of the dog, so it needs to eat many small meals a day, between 10 and 16 .

Splitting meals into 2 or 3 intakes is likely to stress the cat; it will claim all the time, and in addition to that, maintain a certain overweight: indeed it will binge while waiting for the next meal, where, stressed, it will gobble up more (to prevent the shortage,it’s instinctive). In addition he may not feel very comfortable from a digestive point of view, since he will overload his stomach too small. So it’s all the time. Feeding your cat well means leaving him self-service kibbles.

How do I stop my cat from being obsessed with food?

The best way to respect your cat, and / or find a serene cat, is to always leave food available: it will regulate itself. Knowing that there is always something to eat in his bowl, he will not be stressed or ask constantly. After a period of “gluttonous”, he will eat only what he needs.…