Backlinks are the Backbones of The SEO: So get Them

Building your SEO strategy necessarily involves building a good network of links. Indeed, backlinking is one of the key elements in an effective SEO strategy. In this post, we will explore why backlinking is so important for those who want to promote their business on the internet and how to differentiate the good link from the less good.

A backlink, what for?

A few years ago, Google released an update called Google Penguin. This aimed to penalize backlinking practices considered abusive by the engine. Indeed, some SEOs practiced backlinking in an industrial way. We then spoke of “black hat” referencing. They used automatic registration programs for web directories and other forms to leave comments in an automated way and get links quickly.

At the time (barely 3 years), if you had more links than the neighbor, you were better placed because more influential in the eyes of Google. These practices are now repressed by the engine that knows how to spot them. You can buy backlinks   and make the following use in the best ways.

This Penguin update therefore made a huge selection in the database and made it possible to differentiate abusive backlinking practices from those which seem more natural. In other words, learning to differentiate the wheat from the chaff. From now on, it is the quality of the link that predominates over its quantity.

What exactly is a good link?

If the quality of links matters more today, it is therefore about learning to differentiate the good link from the bad. The right link is like the good hunter. Here are some tips to help you see more clearly.

  • A good link is a link that comes from a quality platform on which relevant content is updated regularly
  • The source site of this link (as well as the page) must already benefit from several quality return links and a certain popularity (formerly, we said, it is a site with high PR)
  • The content that surrounds this link will be from a semantic / thematic universe similar to that of your site. Understand that he must talk about the same thing without being (necessarily) a competitor.
  • Whenever possible, a good backlink is one-sided. However, it is possible to plan a backlinking campaign that will welcome triangular links, provided you have several sites in reserve of course.

It is not site wide and therefore does not appear on all pages of the site

It has a practical vocation and must enrich the article by providing additional information (a factor is not always easy to take into account)

It is not nofollow: Indeed if you work on your backlinking, the nofollow links will not bring you much juice, even if it is important to provide a part of no follow link in your backlinks directory

Of course and as a conclusion, I will say that a good link must be clicked. If this factor is not a more direct for SEO, the right link will bring you back targeted and qualified traffic.

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